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Monterey salad
(peeled tomatoes on iceberg lettuce with blue cheese and walnuts)
* milk & nuts
260 gr8.90 BGN
Caprese salad
(rucola, peeled tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and pesto)
* milk
360 gr14.60 BGN
Salad mix with baked goat cheese
* milk
280 gr10.90 BGN
Caesar salad
(iceberg lettuce, parmesan, capers, chicken fillet, anchovy and caesar salad dressing)
* milk & fish
260 gr10.80 BGN
Rustic salad
(grilled vegetables, peeled tomatoes, green onion, sheep milk cheese and olives)
* milk
320 gr9.90 BGN
Burrata salad
(Burrata mozzarella on marinated eggplants and peeled tomatoes)
* milk
320 gr14.60 BGN
Salad mix with seafood
* Crustacean & Mollusca
280 gr13.80 BGN
Valeriana salad
(fresh lettuce, baby spinach, valerian, grilled artichoke, almond and blueberries)
* nuts
220 gr10.90 BGN
Fresh salad with duck jerky
(fresh lettuce, duck jerky, oranges and cheese bonbons)
* milk
260 gr13.60 BGN
Taggiasche salad
(iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, green onion, Taggiasche olives, parmesan and pesto)
* milk
260 gr9.90 BGN

* Allergens