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Hot starters

Goose liver with a poached pear200 gr27.90 BGN
Crispy calamari with Mediterranean sauce
* Mollusc & gluten
180 gr13.90 BGN
Grilled calamari with spicy dip
* Mollusc
180 gr13.90 BGN
Shrimps with Provencale sauce
* Crustacean
180 gr18.90 BGN
Octopus with olive oil, garlic and oregano
* Molluscs
180 gr25.60 BGN
Royal saute
shrimps, octopus, calamari and vegetable mix with mussels
* Crustacean & molluscs
380 gr36.80 BGN
Japanese style pork ribs
* gluten
300 gr13.20 BGN
Porcini mushrooms with white wine and garlic200 gr13.90 BGN
Grilled artichoke with parmesan160 gr15.90 BGN

* Allergens